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our history...

The story of the Bella Napoli restaurant in Rapallo began in 1967 when in a corner of paradise next to Porto Carlo Riva, the Neapolitan tradition, made of pizza in a wood-burning oven and cuisine with southern flavors, conquered the streets of the small Ligurian town.  

Today, the restaurant still has a Campanian heart, both in the offer and in the furnishings, even if it has been renovated over the years view renewals and renovations, today it presents a wide culinary offer, while keeping the Neapolitan soul and its pizza vivid. 

Over time, numerous changes have been made to the finishes, equipment and furnishings, both internal and external, dictated by the volcanic nature of the owners: renovations that continue and will continue.

What has never changed is the philosophy of those who experience Bella Napoli every day: from the very beginning, they did not want to create a hit and run restaurant, but to breathe a family atmosphere by basing everything on the kitchen quality; the dishes, which substantially reflect those of the Neapolitan tradition, have always been based on first choice and very fresh products and raw materials; which is of fundamental importance when it comes to fish. The raw material of all our dishes is purchased daily from our trusted fishmonger and through our historical suppliers. 

Fish processing is our core today, it is possible to taste a variety of fish, molluscs and crustaceans that are always fresh and always different, for this reason the menu of the Bella Napoli restaurant varies often.

All dishes are freshly prepared, this to enhance the taste of fresh products and to allow those small variations necessary to meet the customer's needs.


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